Family and Event Photography

Based in Elmhurst, Illinois

Kelly and Her Camera — Family & Event Photographer in Elmhurst, Illinois

Celebrating this beautiful world by specializing in relaxed, fun, and authentic photography

There are so many talented people in this world, especially photographers.  Such a wide variety of styles and perspectives, all brilliant, unique, and distinctive.  My photography style is comfortable, natural, flexible, and minimalist.  I bring my fancy camera (named Marki V), a step ladder (I’m 5’1″), and sometimes a blanket, but mostly, I wield my skills, experience, and perspective to focus on people, connection, and love. 

I find every single person beautiful (especially the crazy ones) and my goal is to freeze just a few wonderful moments for you and your people to have forever.  Whatever session type you choose, I take a spectrum of posed, candid, and natural photos that showcase the authentic, engaging, and amusing dynamic that shines from you (&  your crew)  into the world.  

Settle in, peruse the site, check out my very random blog, and let me know when we can schedule something together!

I am very vaccinated!!

But wow are people making up for lost time! or they miss me wink
Kelcam is nearly booked until September?!

Fall session scheduling will start in late-August!!