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I love hearing from people! Please use the contact form below or my Kelcam email for communication –As reaching out via texts, calls, VM, FB, Snapchats, carrier pigeons, and conversations while in line at Costco, seem to be repeatedly forgotten. I don’t archive contact forms / emails unless actually finished, which means it is less likely to fall through the cracks and also means that I feel a lot less guilt over accidentally but habitually neglecting to deliver a response. 

— Thanks for Supporting a Local Small Business!! ❤️KV

I’m finishing up the last of my 2021 scheduled sessions!! and then will proceed to happily hibernate with other creative ventures for winter❄️. Filling out the form below will add you to my next scheduling email, which will most likely be in the spring, but sometimes earlier or I slip things in — OR!! if you’d like to be assured a session!! — buy a gift certificate — it includes a free 8×10 print, locks session pricing, and never expires. Can’t wait to see people for pictures when the weather breaks🌷


until then — and always

— May You and Your Loves —

Be Safe & Healthy + Happy & Live with Ease


Okay.  Full Kelly Vallicelli transparency here.  I am not good at answering my phone or looking at my phone or even finding my phone.  At least 5 years ago, my own kids stopped trying to call when they need something because it is fruitless, not to mention that I find text strings hard to keep organized so I end up repressing them entirely.  Since I’m feeling real honest, I should come clean that I have a love/hate relationship with social media and randomly avoid it whenever I’m feeling like the world is out of control (a lot lately) but the point is that contacting me via FB or Insta is not a great plan either.  And when I’m wandering around town, there is a real good chance that I have a happy buzz going and although I’ll be excited to see you and chat,  I’ll probably not remember exactly who I talked to and what they wanted… BUT I LOVE MY CLIENTS.  And I really love my own little business– So please email me if you actually want to have a dialogue.  I’m pretty good at responding to emails (mostly, especially when I have coffee in my hand– but it might take me a day or two if I’m distracted by life or focused on a project or taking a personal sabbatical). You wonder how I stay in business with this kind of policy?  Well?  I’m not sure.  But it tends to work for me and most of my clients seem to be okay with it too, especially because there are not a ton of photography emergencies.  I’m totally at peace with being the definition of non-essential.  Be well my people.  I look forward to hearing from you <3

❤️ Kelly Vallicelli ❤️ ❤️ 630-501-1357 ❤️

South Elmhurst, Illinois