Heirloom Event Album

“Time is our most valuable nonrenewable resource, and if we want to treat it with respect, we need to set priorities,” wrote physicist Albert-László Barabási.  And casual events with the people we love need to be one of those priorities.  For better or worse, life is constantly changing.  Nothing amazing lasts forever and thankfully, tragedy and heartbreak don’t either.  Plan the parties and celebrations and embrace this beautiful life.  

Gathering everyone together is a ton of work and money and energy!  Always worth it, but having an archival heirloom album will make the experience last forever.  Creating these albums is my favorite part of any session or event. I love to put together pages that help people remember the best of times.  The love and energy and support that surrounds every group.

These albums are meant to last.  They have a hard canvas cover (or leather), board-style pages that are thick as a nickel, and printed with vibrant non-fade ink.  These albums are worth the money 20 times over.  You will cherish it forever.  If you’d like to swing by my house to see one in person, feel free.

Heirloom Album Features:

  • Archival Professional Quality Book with Beautiful Kodak Luster Paper
  • 30 Flush Mounted Pages that Open Flat
  • Durable Pages as Thick as a Dime (more like a board book)
  • Cover Wrapped with Genuine Italian Leather or Canvas Image
  • Image Layout is Expertly Arranged
  • UV Coating That Protects Much Longer Than any Scrapbook or Homemade Photobook

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