Kelly and Her Camera on the Road

For a family that loves our classic McDougall split level, we seem to leave it every chance we get!

I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea and assume these trips are luxurious vacations.  There are exceptions, but usually our travel leans toward super frugal minimalist adventures, often without running water, using public transportation, and eating out of alleys, buses, trucks, etc…  We take immense personal pride in the fact that we tent camped for a month, in the southwest, all 4 of us, out of a hatchback (without a carrier).  We visit national parks, cities, cultural meccas, and the guest room of friends.  You can follow the adventures through FB, read stories of them in the blog, or chat with me about them at a session!

I’ll give a solid attempt to still respond to emails while we are on the road so that you don’t think I am MIA, but sometimes, we are very unplugged!

(and so happy that I don’t notice)