Kelcam Full Session Information

Full sessions are great for a more relaxed session pace with more candids and a wider variety of posses & backgrounds.  It can be one person, just a few, or a whole bunch!  You can pick any Chicagoland park, forest preserve, home, or meaningful location for your pictures.  This is a great gift for a grandparent or someone moving or graduating or to commemorate a season of life.  Basically, we plan a date, gather any number of people and I have fun taking a variety of configurations for an hour!

Full Sessions are perfect to plan in conjunction with dinner or an outing or even before a school dance.   Think about gathering family, cousins, friends from college, close nit-team, group of BFFs and taking a bunch of great pictures with them!   Consider it a pre-party of sorts… and if you are over 21, I won’t even ask what is in your water bottle or solo cup ;).  Try to plan these in advance and I LOVE when they are an hour before sunset!

Full Sessions are Available Anywhere in Chicagoland

  • A Full Session Booking Fee Includes any Number of People (1 – 50+):
    • 60 Minutes of Photography at a local park, forest preserve, house or meaningful spot
    • Online Viewing of Edited Images from the Session (usually 40+ Images)
    • Digital Download of any 10 images from the Collection
    • Gallery will be ready to view within 2 weeks
  • Additional Digital Downloads & Professional Prints Can Be Added to the Order 
    • + $25 = each additional digital download from the collection (beyond the included 10)
    • + $200 = Unlimited Downloads of All Images in Gallery
    • Unlimited Digital Downloads Included with Any $250 Product Purchase
    • Current Professional Print Pricing Can be Found on the FAQ Page


You don’t need to do a whole lot:

  • Obviously, invite everyone, plan a location and consider if you want to make dinner or outing reservations after our picture party.
  • Some full sessions like to have coordinating attire, like everyone wear blues & grays.  You don’t want it to match TOO much, but too many prints or really bright colors tend to make the images have less impact.
  • Watch the weather with me.  I’ll try to be on top of this, but we will need to think things through or have a plan B if it looks like the weather might not cooperate.  We will talk and come up with options.
  • If there is something that is meaningful to your family/group (a crest or a trophy or a flag) — PLEASE feel free to bring it!  I’ll love incorporating props!

Being a photographer, I get to hear all day about which side people like better or to crop out their arms or to make them look taller or skinnier or tanner.  Let me tell you something.  THE ONLY THING PEOPLE NOTICE IN PICTURES, IS HOW HAPPY YOU ARE.  That is it.  People aren’t concerned with your fitness or your bronze skin or even your perfectly chosen outfit.  They want nothing but for you to be happy.  Think about this group of best friends or family you have– you love and accept them just as they are!  Do this for yourself as well!!

Embrace this time, imperfection and all. Gather your family and friends and BFFs because everyone knows this season (good or bad) will not last forever.  I CANNOT WAIT to see you and meet you and your posse!

  • There is an extra charge for permit fees, location fees, travel more than 30 minutes from Elmhurst, and additional session time beyond our contract period.
  • PLEASE try to be on time.  The hour goes quickly.  I’ll start with the people who are there but it is best if people run on time when at all possible.  I will most likely need to leave as scheduled regardless of what time I am actually able to start taking pictures.
  • If the weather is terrible, we will work something out.  Either reschedule or have an indoor plan B if someone has a house large enough, but I KNOW to gather large groups doesn’t always reschedule easily but I’m flexible and we will figure it out!

Please check out my full contract.  There are no surprises but it is always a good idea to make sure expectations align and we are a good fit:

Kelly is on a Personal Sabbatical

Please use the contact form to be notified when I start scheduling again or just to say hi!