Elmhurst Quick-Shot

You will be shocked at how much we can get done in 15 minutes!  Since QS are scheduled at a local park or your Elmhurst House, Teens need to be home for mere minutes, the Littles are comfortable in their surroundings, sometimes well-behaved pets can be incorporated, the background is something meaningful, the game just needs to be paused while the beer is set down, and the whole family picture experience can be embraced, enjoyed, and cherished (rather than merely survived)!  QS are ideal for:

  • Updating family pictures, a holiday card, or so Grandma can show the ladies at pinochle
  • Pictures before an outing or dinner when everyone is already gathered and dressed
  • Groups that want a cherished picture all together or kids home briefly from college
  • Headshots, Seniors, students, children, or mile-stones who want a few good pictures but not the hassle of an hour-long session

A Kelcam Quick Shot is perfect for busy people who still want great memories from this beautiful stage of life!

Quick Shot Reservations are Only Available in Elmhurst

  • Quick-Shot Initial Booking Fee Includes:
      • 15 Minutes of Photography at Your House or Local Elmhurst Park
      • Online Viewing of Edited Images (usually 20 – 40 images to choose from)
      • Digital Download of any 5 Images From the Collection (client choice)
      • Quick Turn-Around  (edited images within a week)
  • Additional Digital Downloads & Professional Prints Can Be Added to the Order 
    • + $25 = each additional digital download from the collection (beyond the included 5)
    • + $100 = All Edited Images
    • Unlimited Downloads of ALL Images in Gallery Included with $125+ Product Purchase
    • Current Professional Print Pricing Can be Found on the FAQ Page
Only a Few Steps to Secure a Quick-Shot:
  1. QS in Elmhurst only and payment is due in full to secure the price, date, and time.
  2. Contact Kelly with questions or for clarification
  3. Find a date and time that works for you and/or your people
  4. Give me a general idea about parents / kids / pets / location
  5. A prep guide and questionnaire will be emailed shortly after booking
  6. The day before our session, I’ll email with a weather/health check and last minute reminders.

Need a quick shot on a certain day/time or there appear to be no remaining open spots?  Often I can slip you in somewhere, especially to accommodate college kids briefly home from school, visiting family, or quick pictures before a special outing!  Contact me and I’ll see if we can figure something out!


  • This is a really efficient, casual, low-pressure photography session.  People are going to notice the connection between you, not the perfectly orchestrated outfits and the immaculate background.
  • Quick shots are only allotted 15 minutes, so please be ready for me.  I’m an event & yearbook photographer so I get a lot done before our timer goes off!
  • Feel free (but not obliged) to incorporate meaningful props!  a special blanket from Grandma, the Christmas tree, front steps, dog, or everyone piled in a favorite chair by the fireplace.
  • Be prepared with a couple of spots around the house for options.  The background is fuzzy so don’t worry about the area looking perfect.  Ideally not direct sunlight or dark indoors.
  • It is helpful if clothes kinda coordinate (or at least don’t clash), but let people be themselves!  Honestly, the picture is more meaningful if everyone is comfortable rather than in something stiff, worn only for this experience.
  • Bribes!  Because of various allergies and concerns, it isn’t a great idea for me to provide incentives.  That said, we all like happy kids, men, mamas, & pets.  Sooo… it often works to make this a special family treat… like… First Pictures!  Then Smarties! or Board Games! or Chucky Cheese! or Wild Fire!  or Hamilton! or whatever works for your gang!  I want this to go well and I’m good at facilitating a comfortable and happy experience but it will work better if the household isn’t stressed before I even get there!  I recommend wine.

Maybe you are all good & in that case, major kudos to you!!   But I personally often need a regular, clear, and loving reminder:  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and so is your life.  And you know what else?  Someday, pictures with you in them will be cherished.  Nobody is bothered that the house doesn’t look like a glossy magazine or you aren’t svelte or the outfits aren’t on fleek.  They will want to remember the real you:  Laughter, wrinkles, and arms that envelop them in love.

What works for me when I am insecure for whatever reason:  I imagine hearing these self-disparaging things from the mouth of my sweet daughter (or sis/auntie/mom/niece/GG/BFF –frankly any woman).  I wouldn’t let her think them for one single second!  I would assure her that her shell IS BEAUTIFUL!!! But more importantly, I adore her for who she is, not what she looks like or what she can do or how polished and accomplished her life appears… That she is pretty darn amazing just as she is and I wouldn’t trade her for any “perfect” sparkly thing in the world.  And then these mushy arms would hug her (and in true transparency, if all that didn’t work, I might smack her).

So grab a drink, relax, and enjoy!  Life may be less than perfect but it will be authentic, brave, and enough (WAY better IMO).  Set aside anxiety about the house appearing impeccable or worry that kids behave well or stress that your husband will be disagreeable or panic over those pesky 10ish pounds… Embrace this perfectly imperfect beauty that is your life right now.  I know I will because honestly, I’ve not met a family yet that I didn’t find beautiful in their own extraordinary way.

Please glance through to confirm our expectations match in regards to Quick Shots (QS)

  • QS are not ideal for people who warm-up slowly, extended family, large groups, outfit changes, or a range of poses.  There is simply not enough time. I am efficient and generally put people at ease, but client cooperation and engagement will make or break a quick-shot. The session is really fast so it will not have the same variety of images as a full session. I stick with poses that are working and not every configuration will be edited for final selection.  If you have something more elaborate, consider scheduling a full session with Kelcam.
  • Be ready but relaxed! Please contact me if things aren’t going as planned and the gang is running late so we can adjust the timetable because I will most likely need to leave at the designated time even if we start late.
  • Please don’t have me come over if anyone is sick.  I’m not a fan of catching endemic suburban plagues and the pictures turn out terrible.  Rescheduling is easy!

Please review my full contract.  There are no surprises but it is always a good idea to make sure expectations align and we are a good fit:  https://www.kellyandhercamera.com/contract/

Kelly is on a Personal Sabbatical

Please use the contact form to be notified when I start scheduling again or just to say hi!