Scheduling a Session

 — Greetings and Salutations From the Time of COVID —

I am back to online scheduling!  But a little different — I want to confirm the feasibility and I don’t want to accidentally overbook or book something I can’t deliver. It isn’t a problem or tricky, just a little more old-school.  Simply fill out the contact form and I’ll email back with clarification and the scheduling link, still never any pressure to book. I am busy enough that if it is all a great fit, awesome!  If not, that is okay too! 

As a heads-up:  Full sessions and casual events are booked until 2022. It never hurts to ask if I can slip yours in, but admittedly, the chance is not huge.  I do still have some October / November Elmhurst quickshots!  And quick-shots are so fun and painless!  I do usually max out those at some point in fall also– but I’ll update the website when that happens

Keep in mind that I am only doing outdoor sessions at this time.  I am fully vaccinated but I still will be very cautious.  We have someone in my family with a compromised immune system — and I believe caution is the right thing to do anyway.  Again — never hurts to ask.  But I’ve been declining most indoor pictures.

And now– the normal reminders!  First, check-out the contract.  I run a relaxed neighborhood business, there is nothing sketchy, but let’s make sure we are a good fit and expectations align before the session.  Also, keep in mind:

  • Lighting is best outdoors and closer to sunrise or sunset but I can really work around anything
  • Most little kids tend to do better in the mornings.  My schedule shows an 8a start but I’m a morning person so feel free to ask for earlier!
  • Weekdays are less crowded at public parks and make for really lovely & relaxed sessions
  • Feel free to check the weather report for a nice day and schedule something up at the last minute.  Sometimes those work best.
  • If a scheduled session becomes inconvenient or the weather is bad or people are cranky, just let me know and we will reschedule
  • There is an option (but no pressure) to purchase additional digital downloads, prints, and photo-books after viewing the session.

I use this inquiry form to email the scheduling link

Thanks for supporting a local small business! — Kelly V & Marki V (her camera)