Scheduling a Session

Hi Friends & Soon to be Friends!  General info and pricing are all on this website — If you are interested in an outdoor session (I’ve decided not to do indoor any longer) or have questions or want to chat, just fill out the contact form on the button below and I’ll get back to you! Sometimes it takes me a day or two but an auto email will let you know that the form included a correct email address.  All correspondence is via email as I’m a one woman show and don’t have secretarial staff to answer the insane number of calls notifying me that my 2013 Prius warranty is expiring 😉

Hope to see you in 2022!

And now– the normal reminders!  First, check-out the contract.  I run a relaxed neighborhood business, there is nothing sketchy, but let’s make sure we are a good fit and expectations align before the session.  Also, keep in mind:

  • Lighting is best outdoors and closer to sunrise or sunset but I can really work around anything
  • Most little kids tend to do better in the mornings.  My schedule shows an 8a start but I’m a morning person so feel free to ask for earlier!
  • Weekdays are less crowded at public parks and make for really lovely & relaxed sessions
  • Feel free to check the weather report for a nice day and schedule something up at the last minute.  Sometimes those work best.
  • If a scheduled session becomes inconvenient or the weather is bad or people are cranky, just let me know and we will reschedule
  • There is an option (but no pressure) to purchase additional digital downloads, prints, and photo-books after viewing the session.

Kelly is on a Personal Sabbatical

Please use the contact form to be notified when I start scheduling again or just to say hi!

Thanks for supporting a local small business! — Kelly V & Marki V (her camera)