Student & Senior Pictures

Student and senior pictures (really all my sessions) are flexible. Student Life is complicated with work and extra-curriculars and the weather.  Sessions can always be scheduled and rescheduled easily online. The sessions themselves are flexible as well!  It can be one person who wants better pictures than the ones the school provides or it can be a group of friends / family / team that want to immortalize this season of life. There can be outfit and location changes or it can be quick and efficient.  Photographs can be at the sports field or a favorite park or your backyard or in conjunction with a graduation party.  A questionnaire is sent after booking so we can make sure this session is everything you want it to be.

A few years can be packed with so much – whether it be achievements or friendships or memories or dreams. Sometimes there is an especially close-knit group that will have a life-long impact or a team that has surpassed expectations.  Some of these kids have been together since they were in pre-K and they will go on to stand-up at weddings and support through the happiest and hardest times of life. Your student may not yet realize the significance, power, and importance of this season of life, but someday they will (and it won’t be just to laugh at how young and skinny they were 😉 ).

Student and senior pictures are always way less awkward and more fun than initially anticipated, whether it is an individual, group, team, family, or party… we always have a good time.  And honestly, they are financially a really solid deal.  The school senior & graduation pictures are not cheap by any means.

Student & Senior Pictures Are Priced the Same as Standard Sessions

$175 Quick-Shot$375 Full Session$775 Casual Event
Time Included:15 Minutes45 Minutes2 Hours
Locations:ElmhurstElmhurst AreaElmhurst Area
Edited Images:20+ Images in Final Gallery40+ Images in Final Gallery80+ Images in Final Gallery
Digital Downloads:Choose Any 5 ImagesChoose Any 10 ImagesUnlimited of All Images
Extra Digitals 

$25 Each Extra

or $100 for All

$25 Each Extra

or $200 for All 

Package Includes 8×8 Photobook
Session Best Suited For:Individuals or efficient smaller groupsIndividuals with outfit changes, groups & teamsBest for larger groups, teams, & parties

*This chart is not working on mobile but pricing is the same as my standard sessions

  • Senior pictures are just fun and easy.  It will be WAY less awkward than your teens thinks it will be (I’ve had my own teens and frankly, I’m pretty good with people — the time goes by fast).
  • Consider props for senior sessions.  I show-up with a stepping stool but consider bringing:  College gear, sports gear, graduation year, balloons, friends, family, a special book, graduation cap/gown, awards, etc.
  • My style is flexible.  These sessions are great and relaxed when there is one kid but it is even more fun if there is a group.  Head-shot smiles are more natural when friends are making them laugh and the kids have a great time.  If it is a particularly large group, consider scheduling it as a casual event.  I take all sorts of head-shots and group pictures of the kids and then take a bunch of candids as they are relaxed and being themselves.
  • I know this sort of thing is hard to schedule with summer jobs and sports and college on the horizon but it is so worth it.  Someday, these kids will love looking back at who they were and what was cool and how they’ve changed –All my scheduling is online and super easy to reschedule if things need to be adjusted for any reason.

Please glance through to confirm our expectations match in regards to Senior & Student Sessions

  • Please review my full contract.  There are no surprises but it is always a good idea to make sure expectations align and we are a good fit:
  • QS are not ideal for people who warm-up slowly, large groups, outfit changes, or a range of poses.  There is simply not enough time. I am efficient and generally put people at ease, but client cooperation and engagement will make or break a quick-shot. The session is really fast so it will not have the same variety of images as a full session or a causal event. I stick with poses that are working and not every configuration will be edited for final selection.  If you have something more elaborate, consider scheduling a full session with Kelcam.
  • Be ready but relaxed! Please contact me if things aren’t going as planned and the gang is running late so we can adjust the timetable because I will most likely need to leave at the designated time even if we start late.

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Kelcam is booked for full sessions & casual events until 2022?!

There are still Elmhurst quick-shots open for October & November!