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Regardless of what session type is the best fit for you, my style is always relaxed and flexible and genuine.  We make the best of wherever and whatever the occasion gives us.  I work well with a variety of personalities and what I enjoy most about my art is seeking out the best in people; Whether shy or active or anxious or sullen or special needs or round or wrinkled… (or all of those combined!)  There is never judgment or the stress to be “perfect” because my focus is on real connection and natural beauty and the uniquely special character of each person, family, or group.  It is all fun and painless and provides a timeless reminder of this season of your life.

In this quest, there will be so many amazing photographers to choose from (many of whom I consider dear friends).  If you want to love your pictures, it works best to find a photographer that matches with your personality, style, philosophy, and (of course) budget.  Each photog has our own little niche, strengths, and charm, so I’m going to tell you exactly what makes Kelcam special…

Why Choose Kelly & Her Camera

Scheduling — It couldn’t be easier to pick a date & time that works.  I keep my hours flexible but limit the number of projects in a given period. This keeps me from spreading myself too thing but also gives my clients the most options.  Elmhurst Quick-Shots are especially easy to schedule, even at the last minute if everyone is together and the weather just nice!

Flexibility — I know how crazy and complicated life can be.  Appointments are always Plan A.  To reschedule for ANY reason, simply go back into the appointment and change the date/time.  It can be because the weather isn’t great or someone is sick or a soccer game got moved or just because people are cranky.  I really don’t care.  I want this whole experience to be relaxed and easy and convenient, never forced.

Privacy — Internet/social media presence is not for everyone and I respect that choice.  My default is to keep sessions private and will only use your images for my portfolio when given specific consent (but I do appreciate referrals and photo-credits!)

Comfort — I put people at ease.  It is just one of my super-powers.  I’ve always made friends effortlessly and I think people can sense that I genuinely like them.  I find every single person beautiful and interesting and a delight to be with, so our time together is enjoyable and usually over sooner than we all would like.

Skill That Can’t Be Taught — I’ve been training for this job my whole life.  This work gives me purpose and makes me feel fulfilled.  I take classes, am constantly evolving, have tons of experience, the best camera, but most importantly:  I’m awesome at finding the best in people and snapping pictures at just that perfect moment…

Disclaimers / Approach & Style

Approach: I’m not real crazy or silly or energetic. I don’t sing songs or jump all over the place or lug around a wagon of gear or put people in awkward positions (on purpose). I just go with the flow and laugh and chat and enjoy getting to know people while casually helping position and pose people to look their best. Nobody will be embarrassed for an authentic reaction or made to smile or be compelled to sit next to someone –but I am relaxed and chill and have a deeply ingrained Pollyanna complex which helps to always cheerfully and kindly make the best of whatever the situation brings.

Style:  I have a natural approach to photography (and parenting and life). My style is less portrait photography and leans toward lifestyle photography. With portrait, the photographer orchestrates a flawless background (often Photoshopping in a new sky if the real sky is boring), the ideal lighting is manufactured, and everyone is adjusted just perfectly. Those types of images are lovely but not me. I have a mental list of typical poses but if something isn’t working, I just try something else or stick with what is working. Distractions are avoided when possible and attempts are made to utilize the best light, background, and arrangements but this style finds images more meaningful when the focus is on connection and character rather than on typical poses, details, and feigned perfection.

Editing:  My editing style is more American Eagle than Glamour, meaning my perspective is that people are most attractive when they are real and authentic rather than air-brushed.  Editing will be for crop & color but it doesn’t include fine art editing or changing the color of Johnny’s shirt or head-swapping or removing Cheeto dust or changing the locale to appear tropical or making someone look 20 years younger or 30 pounds thinner.  #Lifeisbeautiful.

Please review my full contract. There are no surprises but it is always a good idea to make sure expectations align and we are a good fit:

Kelly is on a Personal Sabbatical

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