Kelly & Her Camera Testimonials

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”  Shakespeare in Twelfth Night, but given the rave testimonials below… I’m sure it also refers to my work…  I love my clients! 

I run my business nearly entirely by word of mouth.  I so appreciate photo credits, shout-outs, social media reviews (like FB, Yelp, Google), and telling your friends/family!  If you’d like to add something below… just email me or fill in the contact form:

The photos are truly amazing!  I want to cry!  My absolute favorites are the many candid shots you took of people just hanging out and laughing!  Just wonderful!


Arlington Hts

I think we’ve worked together before; I remember because my wife has HUGE cheeks, just like yours.


Really Nice DJ at CC Event

WOOOOOOWWWW!!!  I am so happy! Exactly what I wanted! Seriously Kelly your personality was made for this job.  You are so easy to be with and you are like one of the family right away!  I am beyond excited!!

Laura Rehling

Amazing Mom of 3 Delightful Boys

THE PHOTOS ARE FANTASTIC!!!!  I knew from your website that the quality of your images would be good, but you also have that photographer’s eye for capturing truly special moments.  I love all the laughter and joy you have saved for us!!!!  Thank you SO much.  I couldn’t be happier!!!

Sheila J

Beautiful Anniversary Party

Thank you for photographing our party the other night! You were a perfect addition.

Allison H

Chicago, IL

I just viewed the photos from the party. They are just beautiful. You captured the evening so gorgeously. THANK YOU!

Betsy M

Sister of the Bride

I’ve been watching you all night.  You take pictures at EXACTLY the right time, when people are laughing and smiling.  I hope you make A LOT of money!


Tenured Senior Citizen Guest at an Event

Thank you again, for your beautiful work.  This party is going to happen one time only and you captured the heart and soul of our event with family and friends.


Because of my talented friend Kelly, I have treasured pictures of my boys growing up.  Thank you for the years of sporting events, first days of school, dance class and graduation pictures (just to name a few).  I cherish them all!

Mary Ann Manning

One of the nicest people you will ever meet

Honey! These are great!  You are actually REALLY good at this!!

My Adoring Husband

We loved working with you!  So many people commented yesterday how sweet you were and what a wonderful job you did!


Dear Kelly,  Thank you for taking such fantastic photos of our family!  Everyone loves them, especially “Grammie”.  We will definitely be using you again!

Lauren O'Shea

Extended Family

Seriously?!  That was it?!  But that wasn’t bad at all!  It was so easy!  We will see you again!

Every Dad Ever

After a Kelcam Quick Shot

You are so incredibly amazing. I just love every single one of these shots. They are all so full of life and beautifully composed — and I know how squirmy the girls are, so it’s nothing short of a miracle!  I showed them to my sister, too, and she said “OMG, I didn’t want the album to end!”  THANK YOU again for capturing such a sweet time in my girls’ lives. I hope that they will look back at these pictures someday and remember that they have always made each other laugh.

Vikki O

Elmhurst, IL

Kelly OMG…..  These are fabulous photos!!! I am so thankful we have a great family photographer 😉
Catherine Dee

Elmhurst, IL

Kelly!!! OMG, these are the BEST pictures I have ever seen!!! I am literally in tears. Thank you so much. He has never smiled so genuinely for pictures before. I am in awe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Leslie Demirdjian

Senior Quickshot

Wow! Kelly just wow. These came out amazing! Thank you so much!
Amy C

Burr Ridge, IL

Kelly does a phenomenal job!!! You won’t believe how many pics she can get in 15 min. I have so many gorgeous pics to choose from.  I’ve never made my Christmas cards on black Friday before….EVER!! So excited to show off my beautiful pics!!

Erin Brownlie

Happy Client

Oh my Goodness! I love them all!   You are AMAZING! This whole weekend has to be in top 5 moments. Everyone had such a fantastic time. My mom LOVED you and we had so much fun going through all of your amazing pictures.  You have such a gift and we are blessed to have you share it us.

Kristin Wilmot

Host of an Amazing Surprise Party

Thank you so much for the amazing pictures!!!  We could not be happier. As always, you are the best and your pictures are perfect!!  You definitely captured our little guy’s personality. Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future!
Aaron H

Chicago, IL

Kelly is an exceptionally talented and unique photographer that was an absolute dream to work with.  She was extremely “in tune and engaged“ throughout the entire photo shoot.  Kelly kept  in constant communication with us to ensure that we would have the BEST photo shoot – she watched the weather, know the exact time for the sunset, recommended locations, brought props and more importantly…was so patient.  She captured moments in time that we will cherish forever as our daughter goes away to college. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Dana Zec

Senior Full Session

You are REALLY SHORT!!!  Are you an adult?! (to which I reply, “I KNOW, RIGHT??!!!  My son was taller than me at the end of 3rd grade!!!”)

Olive (& Echoed by Her Siblings)

1st Grader

We Love, Love, Love the pictures!  Thank you so much! I’m really happy about how easy it was to have you over to take the pictures and how well the pictures turned out.

Tracey McCarville

Extended Family Full Session

Kelly!  These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Thank you so much.  Marty cried when he saw them.  You should know how talented you are!  I have to have them all. <3 <3 <3

Kelly Wiggins

Mom of 4 under 4

Thank you SO much for the photos!! I was nervous because of the cold, plus added with normal morning emotions of all the kiddos before we got there but it was such a great experience from top to bottom of scheduling, session and now ordering. I would like to go ahead and just purchase all the images because there are SO MANY GREAT ONES!!!

Kiersten Humboldt

The Windchill was 20 Degrees

I have to tell you the pictures you took are some of the best we’ve gotten as a family! We couldn’t be more thrilled. You were so kind in taking extra time with us and you were so patient… not to mention we lucked at with that gorgeous day!

Kerry Sayers Doucet

Family Quick-shot

I was looking at the pictures again today and found myself smiling the whole time. I hope that you know how much joy you bring to people through your photography and just being you.

Micki Gorski

Mother of the Bride

THANK YOU so much!  It was so nice meeting you, too.  You worked magic in 15 minutes!

Michelle Harken

After a Freezing Session

Thank you!! OMG how will I ever decide which ones to print? They are all so wonderful! 

Angelina Russo

Like-minded Momma

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